MD FOP Lodge 10 OfficersThe Ocean City Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police has been an integral part of the Ocean City landscape for over 40 years. Rich in history and tradition, Lodge 10 is both a fraternal and civic organization that prides itself on its meaningful community relationships, charitable endeavors, and membership representation.

Recognizing the need to have a unified voice, members organized and chartered under the umbrella of the Maryland State F.O.P. in 1969. Lodge 10 was the first F.O.P. lodge to be formed on the eastern shore and was aptly named the Eastern Shore Lodge. It included thirteen charter members from multiple agencies including the Ocean City and Berlin Police Departments and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office.

Through the early 1970s, members undertook efforts to enhance and secure better pay and working conditions. Their labors were often met with aggressive political opposition and frequent retaliation. Consequently, persistence became a substantive word in the vocabulary of every Lodge 10 member.

By the early 1980s, Lodge 10 members had become political aficionados. They understood the value and significance of local general elections, and more importantly, they learned to appeal publicly to those who mattered most – the citizens. It also became increasingly apparent that Eastern Shore Lodge members were fundamentally divided on unique issues commonly faced in their respective agencies. In order to address these issues more efficiently, the Eastern Shore Lodge fractured in to two separate and distinct organizations – Ocean City Lodge 10 and Worcester County Lodge 50.

Race car with FOP logo on the hoodBy the mid 1980s, the members of Ocean City Lodge 10, having had little or no luck affecting change to their work environment, began a monumental Collective Bargaining movement that would span nearly two decades. The first of several petition drives mandating the addition of Collective Bargaining language to the Town of Ocean City Charter found its way to an election booth in 1987. Although the initiative failed, it sparked an immeasurable change in Lodge 10. Over the next decade, members took to the streets and campaigned in earnest for what they believed to be a fair and reasonable process.

In October of 2002, with the gracious backing and approval of the Ocean City electorate, Lodge 10 won the right to Collectively Bargain. It was an emotional and heartfelt victory for Lodge 10 members, who overcame years of staunch political resistance via endless public education, campaigning and community activism.

Today, Lodge 10 is a thriving and benevolent part of the Ocean City community. Whether supporting local fundraisers, pursuing political crusades, or sponsoring youth sports programs, Lodge 10’s commitment to Ocean City has been steadfast for more than 40 years. Guided by professionalism and a rich history, the men and women of Ocean City Lodge 10 are still…

…building on a proud tradition.